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Quba Caffe

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The passion for coffee can be completely absorbed, especially when you grow up among coffee lovers for whom this black beverage is much more than an energy drink. And Quba Caffe is a family business where the second family generation worship coffee beans, roast them carefully in a huge drum of a shiny roasting machine every day and enjoys every sip of a perfectly brewed little black coffee. Or maybe large with milk or simply mild and sweet. Because here we enjoy coffee in many ways. Every day we roast the best quality coffees from around the world which later on we deliver to our customers and business partners under our own brand. We are especially proud of Quba Caffe BIO coffees and teas which are an important part of our offer. We carefully track their path from organic crops to our company's warehouses and we roast them in a special way to get the best coffee taste and aroma. We approach each client and business partner individually carefully selecting the best suited products for them. We could talk about coffee for hours - please stay with us for longer and discover the magic hidden in the coffee beans.