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Audun Coffee is truly masterful coffee.

Mr. Audun Sørbotten comes from the Norwegian coffee scene. In 2006-2013 he worked for Solberg & Hansen in Oslo. Then he moved to Poland and founded Audun Coffee in December 2014. In 2015 he won the Norwegian Coffee Roasting Championship and just two weeks later he became the World Coffee Roasting Champion 2015 in Gothenburg.

In 2019 the Norwegian master's associate Mateusz Karczewski won the National Coffee Roasting Competition in Poland and he took 3rd place in the World Coffee Roasting Competition in Taipei, Taiwan.

Audun Coffee coffees belong to the specialty segment, i.e. they come from specific farms or a specific group of farmers. Audun Coffee coffees are the top shelf on the market where small batches of coffee are selected only for their unique taste.