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The idea 

The passion for coffee can be completely absorbed, especially when you grow up among coffee lovers for whom this black beverage is much more than an energy drink. And Quba Caffe is a family business where the second family generation worship coffee beans, roast them carefully in a huge drum of a shiny roasting machine every day and enjoys every sip of a perfectly brewed little black coffee. Or maybe large with milk or simply mild and sweet. 

Because here we enjoy coffee in many ways. I guess that’s why it’s hard to consider what we do as work - this is the definition of our passion for coffee, which we share with our friends, clients and business partners on a daily basis.

 A Family company

For over 20 years, the scent of coffee has filled our nostrils every day and we can’t imagine that we would ever get bored. It all started out as a small coffee machine maintenance business, but we are the best proof that appetite grows with food. The company grew by offering more and more new products and new services, also started its own production site in 2013 and today we present coffee, tea and complimentary food products for companies, cafes, restaurants, hotels and individual customers. We exclusively distribute many other brands and above all, have a great team of experts who, apart from the vast knowledge about coffee and tea, share our passion.

It all started with the coffee beans

The heart of our company is a modern roasting machine, in which we roast the best quality specialty coffees from the best suppliers from around the world. We also sort and pack the best quality teas and infusions. We deliver them to individual and business customers under our own brand or exclusively – under private label. We do all of these to see your smile and appreciation at the end of every day.

New challenges

We care a lot about your healthy life style – so couple of years ago we started out our BIO certified lines for coffee and tea. The best ingredients and raw materials are particularly important for organic products, so every day we work with our supply chain Partners to deliver the highest quality products. Each year we renew our Organic Certification – just to bring the quality and healthy products to all of you. We believe that Organic production would grow a lot in years to come. Both BIO lines for coffees and teas are an extremely important part of our offer, which we surely develop and expand in the nearest future.

Come over and have a coffee or tea with us!

Our doors are always open to customers and coffee lovers. Simply pop in for a chat over a cup of coffee and find out more about us, who we are and how we work. However, we should warn you that we can talk about our products for hours! We simply enjoy it a lot. Because with coffee and tea, time flies by so nicely that one doesn’t even notice…